About Me – Who is Alexa Gray?

Who is Alexa Gray?

Alexa Gray has nearly ten years of professional freelance copywriting experience, as well as a BA in English and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Writing. The power of her copywriting comes from the questioning and listening skills she developed as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers. She has a sense for what is missing and knows how to find the answers through probing questions and careful research. Her writing is effective because she is willing to do the necessary homework, dares to write with intuition and attention, and knows the value of meticulous self-editing.

Alexa Gray has helped me on many projects related to content planning and content creation. She is very adept at creating an attention grabbing message on a wide array of topics. She has helped me personally with blogging, speech writing, website page development and eBooks.

She delivers on-time and on budget and is great at framing a project so that maximum value is achieved while staying within a defined budget. This is very valuable to any business project.

– Gary Cowans, Owner – WJK Global Outsource

“I recently hired Alexa to help me with the content of my new web site. This was the first time I have hired a professional copywriter because I thought I could do it all by myself. I was wrong! Alexa took the time to interview me about my message, desired outcomes, and the look and feel of the site. She even collaborated with my web site designer and weighed in on the format and color scheme of the site. I told her ‘I want it to sound like me;’ she dug deeper to find my voice and intention. That was really important to me.

“I will (and have) recommended Alexa to my clients and professional acquaintances. She works quickly and her professionalism and quality of work is outstanding. You owe it to yourself to have a conversation with her.”

– John Wilkinson, President of John Wilkinson & Associates


“We recently worked with Alexa to come up with a script for our first video and couldn’t be more pleased with her work. We were amazed on how easily she captured our brand and she got the script just right on the first try. We look forward to working with Alexa again!”

– Maureen O’Hara, Sales Marketing Coordinator for O’Hara and Sons

“Not only was Alexa able to capture the demographics of the timber-frame market, but her writing also adapted the visual imagery that would be most appealing to its intended audience. After working with Alexa it is clear that she chooses her words well. I would highly recommend her services to any business looking to put their best foot forward.”

– Steve Sempeley, Owner of Sempeley Group

“Alexa Gray gave my website immediacy and relevance for potential clients. She took my somewhat technical writing and sharpened the points I was making. Word choice and expressions contribute to the art of writing, yes, but Alexa helped give my words timing and delivery, critical qualities in an era when the presentation of ideas is often given a very brief window.”

– Michael Baldwin, Owner of New York Ideals?