Four Hubspot Quirks That Annoy Your Blogger

Have you been using Hubspot for your blogging software of choice? It’s one of the most modern platforms available.  In many circles, they suggest this powerful program allows you to, basically, fire your web programmer and do it yourself.  Regardless, there are a few quirks, as a Hubspot blogger, that I’ve been annoyed with lately.

The Hubspot Blogger

The preview feature isn’t accurate.  When you’ve spent half an hour writing a really cool blog, you can’t wait to see what you’re about to publish.  Half the time, the picture isn’t where you want it, or there is a program glitch that pastes the words over the image.  Once, a bolded section of the post wasn’t bolded on the preview.  Just know it’s not you, it’s the preview feature that isn’t accurate.

Cutting and pasting from Word can be frustrating.  I am a bit of a Word junkie.  Simply, if the Hubspot blogging software ever crashed, I would still have my reliable Word document saved. (You’re welcome clients.)  When you paste your Word document into Hubspot, you end up with all kinds of misspellings and issues.  I warn you in advance: Click the spell check multiple times.  I have worked with software that allows you to cut and paste into a separate screen first.  That would be an awesome upgrade.

No playing with pictures if you’re a Hubspot blogger.  How cool would it be to have a little cross hair that let you adjust the size up and down on the pictures?  You could target what you wanted as the center of the picture, too.  In Hubspot blogging, the picture dumps where it dumps.  That’s it. Sometimes you have to redo it a few times, especially since the preview isn’t accurate.

Funky software glitches can be really annoying if you’re a Hubspot blogger.  A few days ago, my hyperlink toolbar completely disappeared.  I had to send a screen shot to a techy to make sure I wasn’t crazy.  It literally vanished.  I cleared my cache and it magically reappeared.  I’m simply suggesting that, if you don’t have time for magic tricks, Hubspot blogging can be quirky.

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