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Writing that Builds Relationships and Creates Connections for Your Business

You went into business so that you could make a living doing what you love most. In order to attract customers to your business, you need quality marketing materials that support and build your brand, while effectively conveying the value of your products and services to the audiences that are most likely to buy. Writing and producing quality marketing materials take time, energy, and experience.

If you are struggling to find the time to write effective marketing copy for your business, I can offer you an affordable solution. I provide reasonably priced writing and project management services that can simplify your life and decrease your daily stress. I collect the necessary information, collaborate with other creative marketing professionals, write and edit your copy, and ensure that the final product meets your specifications before it returns to you. When you receive the final product, it is ready for use.

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30-Minute Free Evaluation

Are you scratching your head over a marketing piece?Let me help you out.

Send me a portion of your work, and I’ll give you thirty minutes of my time for free.

To find out more, get in touch with me through the “Contact” page.

Copywriters Guide - The Blog

Blog: The Egregious Marketeer

When I worked in the world of publishing, we would only make changes to a book that was slated for republication if there were egregious mistakes to fix. “Egregious” was the big word they bandied about to indicate those outstanding errors that cause the reader to lose confidence in the writer’s mastery of their subject or (egad) the written word.

You don’t want an egregious mistake undermining your professional image, so I’ve created this blog to bring awareness to some common mistakes, so that you’re less likely to make them.

The name of my blog is meant to look like an egregious mistake. What do you think? Is it?

Copywriters Guide - Expertise

Why Choose Me?

  • I have a knack for writing in the “voice” of your business.
  • I work independently and I work around your schedule.
  • Personally I work with teams of photographers, web/graphic designers, videographers, and SEO and internet marketing experts and oversee the creation of your marketing materials so you don’t have to.
  • I provide clean copy within the agreed-upon time frame.
  • Myself I set clear price expectations and keep to them.