Marketing that Calls Clients to Action

Marketing with a Strong Call to Action

From using alternative colors and shapes to writing in bold, large print, there are many techniques that are used across the internet to create a call-to-action button that lets your client know what you would like them to do.

The advice you will find is abundant and much of it is quite good, but the effectiveness of your call-to-action button is the combined result of the marketing copy leading up to your call as well as the placement of the call-to-action button itself.

Calls Clients to Action

Tempt with clear marketing copy

Make sure that all copy leading up to your call to action presents your product/service clearly. Speak in the language that your potential client will understand, highlight the pain that your product or service eases as well as the benefits clients will enjoy through use of your product or service.

Focus also on the advantages of using your product or service over similar products or services. Then provide a clear pathway for your potential client to purchase or learn more about your service or product.

Tell them what to do next

Make the next step obvious for your potential client with a clear call to action that…

  • …is obvious and tactful.
  • …offers one clearly defined opportunity.
  • …tells potential clients exactly what they need to do to access the opportunity.

Some considerations for call-to-action placement

Think about what your client needs to know before they can make a decision and place the call to action directly after they have reached this point. If the information they need is significant and will require some scrolling down the page, it is wise to offer a prominently placed button at the top of the page for those who have already made the decision to buy. Then create another button at the bottom of the page or multiple buttons throughout the page, to offer readers an obvious link to purchase at any point along the way.

Multiple calls to action for different audiences

Offering a variety of calls to action can be helpful if your page will attract customers at different levels of interest. You might have a prominently placed “buy now” button, but for those who are not ready to “buy now,” you want to provide more information that will help them decide if your product or service is right for them.

In order to do this, you can create other buttons to lead them to exactly the information that they need.

In order to determine which calls to action you will need, you should consider all of the steps that potential clients travel through as they decide whether or not to use your product/service.

You may want to place your call to action after you have made your initial pitch, and then offer more information for those who may not be completely convinced but want to know more. The most effective technique may be to offer a call to action for clients who are ready to take the plunge immediately, another for those who are not quite ready and need just a little more information, and one for those who are in the very early stages of the sales process.

Check the effectiveness of your calls to action

Once you have placed your calls to action, go back and make sure that:

  • Your copy is convincing
  • Your calls to action are clear
  • Each call to action indicates a specific and single action
  • Each call to action leads potential customers to an intuitive next step
  • Your calls to action are obvious enough to be found easily

For creating obvious call-to-action buttons that will be found easily, you can:

  • Make your calls to action large
  • Make the print bold
  • Create a call-to-action graphic that draws the eye with color, shape, or movement.
  • Use white space around the call to action to make it easier to find
  • Make sure the appearance of your call to action reinforces your brand.

While creating a nice big call-to-action button will provide an opportunity for potential customers to find what they are looking for, you should remember that the button will only work if it is created as part of a larger marketing effort.

The entire effort must be developed into a seamless process that attracts potential clients to your business, whether that be through your website or by walking through your door. In the trade it is called natural sleeping pills and is highly effective in getting the right results.

Your job, in creating an effective call to action, is to understand how your audience thinks about your product or service, tell them what they need to know in order to decide that your product/service is the best choice, and tell them exactly how they can attain that product or service with ease.