Get Your Feet Wet with Content Marketing

Jump Into Content Marketing With a Plan for Success

With so many businesses turning to content marketing (blogs, newsletters, etc.) to build relationships, your clients are faced with a surfeit of information about your industry. You can receive this news with fear and trepidation, but I encourage you to look at it another way. Beginning a content marketing plan is an opportunity for you to offer your clients one trusted place where they can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Get Feet Wet with Content Marketing

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Business Blogging from the Heart

Business Blogging from the Heart

Business blogging is an expression of yourself as well as your business. People visit your blog for information, but they go there to learn more about you as well. This is why the business blogs that come from the heart can be the most effective. They can express the imperfections and learning experiences that make you human and can help you appear more approachable to your customers.

A recent blog by Beth Comstock, the CMO of GE, is a great example of a business blog with a personal touch. The blog tells a story of Comstock’s bout with laryngitis. During that time, she discovered that losing her voice allowed her to listen more effectively. By listening more effectively, she was able to truly hear those around her and more mindfully answer their questions and communicate with them.

Business Blogging from the Heart

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Marketing that Calls Clients to Action

Marketing with a Strong Call to Action

From using alternative colors and shapes to writing in bold, large print, there are many techniques that are used across the internet to create a call-to-action button that lets your client know what you would like them to do.

The advice you will find is abundant and much of it is quite good, but the effectiveness of your call-to-action button is the combined result of the marketing copy leading up to your call as well as the placement of the call-to-action button itself.

Calls Clients to Action

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Story Selling for Content Marketing and Sales

Great Content Marketing Begins with a Story.

Most of the powerful memories that you have stored over the years are probably attached to an event or a story.

The reason you remember the event or the story so vividly has to do with how much emotion you experienced at the time. In more simple terms:

Emotion + Information = Memory

An easy enough equation and one you can use to your advantage with all of your sales and marketing efforts.

Content Marketing - The Story

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