What is it like to work with Alexa Gray?

Every job is different, but I follow a similar process with every project I do. Here is a glimpse into the process.


Our first contact will be a time to share information. I’ll ask you about your project and time constraints. You’ll ask any questions you have, which might include questions about the work I do and how I can help you reach your project goals.


Once we have discussed your project, I’ll create an estimate. When we have come to an agreement, I will send a contract for work, which you will agree to before I begin.


In order to write for your business, I will need to research materials and documents related to your business and your competitors. I will probably need to interview you or members of your staff as well.


Once I have collected all of the materials I will need to complete the project, I go to work. At this point, I may ask questions if they arise, but I should have all that I need and I have switched my focus from fact-finding to creation.


I send you the draft by the due date and allow you time to read it over and request edits.


The editing process can take anywhere between a day and two weeks, depending on how extensive the edits are.

Final Product

Your project will be complete on time and in the agreed-upon format.