I offer a great variety of copywriting services. Please take a look at the full range of services available.


Your website is your internet storefront. It is the first place people go to learn more about you, so your website should represent your business flawlessly and effectively.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are web pages used for selling products or services. They function much like a sales letter and contain a call to action.


More memorable than a business card, brochures offer a succinct and easy-to-distribute description of your products and/or services.

Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing materials (like advertisements, sales letters, etc.) place your company information in the palm of your potential client’s hand.


Blogs are a great way for businesses to communicate with customers. Blog entries are a powerful tool that boost your position in the search engines, add value to your current web content, and position you as an active participant in your industry.


When you’re standing in front of the group, you want to sound your best. I can help you research and organize the information, and write the words that will help you shine during your next presentation.

Video Scripts

Creating a video for your site is an engaging way to welcome visitors. Videos can be used to sell products and services, explain complex features or concepts, introduce staff, or demonstrate expertise. They can also boost your search engine positioning.


Newsletters are great for generating leads online, strengthening brand awareness, proving your thought leadership, and retaining customers. Newsletters offer useful information to your clients or customers and act as a regular reminder of the valuable resources you offer.


E-Newsletters do all the things that Newsletters do, but they do it online and are an effective way to lead current and potential customers back to your website. E-newsletters offer quick newsworthy information to those who have opted in to receive it. They put your name in front of potential clients on a regular basis without costing you anything extra per customer.


E-books are a great vehicle for displaying your expertise to your clients. You can offer your e-book as a freebie, use it as a teaser to encourage current and potential clients to sign up for your newsletter, or sell it via a dedicated landing page. In any case, it is an excellent tool for proving thought leadership in your field and an added value bonus for potential and current clients.

White Papers and Case Studies

Prove that you are a problem solver at the forefront of your industry and demonstrate your technical expertise with an expertly-crafted white paper or case study.


Position yourself as a thought leader with a ghost-written article.

Editing Services

If you prefer to do your own writing, let me do the editing. Ask me about copy editing and proofreading rates.


Are you interested in being found in the search engines?

Writing for your human audience is essential. However, optimizing your web copy so that it is easier for the search engines to find your web copy is vital for you to attract visitors. You need to be found online to be a success online.

I work with WSI Global Reach, a Woodstock-based Internet business consulting company. We work together to create Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web copy for you, and we can advise you on how to optimize your website so that potential customers will find your site when they use a search engine to look for your business.

Website and Brochure Combo

If you are updating all of your marketing collateral, ask about this website and brochure package. Your business website and brochure should mirror one another. You want each to remain true to your branding and offer the most important information about your products and services to your target audience. For this reason, I offer a website and brochure package that cuts the cost of the brochure copy significantly. (Restrictions apply.)

Video Package

You can use video on your website to welcome guests, to demonstrate services/products, to provide visual testimonials, or to act as a sophisticated call to action. I work with videographers to create scripted videos that can enhance your website by keeping your audience engaged in dynamic audio-visual displays.

Newsletter Package

Need more than just a writer? Let me introduce you to my creative team. We can help you develop a print or electronic newsletter that supports your brand identity and offers value to your existing and potential customers.